Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So hmm....I've got nothin! I mean, why would I? I've been sitting on my bottom all day 'resting' my foot. My precious husband worked from home today to take care of me. I felt way better today....didn't limp around hardly as bad. The pain was still there but I can walk better which is most important to me.
The one thing that is a bit annoying about a crippled foot is having to always take a bath. See, I take baths for them to be a relaxing experience. Showers are for washing hair and shaving. Having to do that in the bath--Ewwie. The hairs falling out of your head....the ones you're shaving....well they're floating all over the place! It's just not...rejuvenating. I don't feel as clean afterwards. You know my germaphobeness...
Anyone watch the Jacqueline Kennedy 20/20 special last night? Riveting!! I've always been fascinated with the Kennedy's especially Jackie. I was glued to my TV for the whole 2 hours. So interesting.
I'm very ready to decorate my house for! Do you think it's too soon? I want to say no. The weather has been a bit chilly and it's football season. I'm craving Hay Stacks, Mum's and Pumpkins. I may just go for it. I don't think my neighbors will mind. I think everyone secretly wants to decorate for Fall now anyway.
I'm leaving for China one month from today. Who's excited!?! Me! Way Much! I haven't done my typical planning for this one. I usually research all the hot, must see places. I'm sorta relying on my father-in-law (Randy) and grandfather-in-law (Grandpa aka Al) for this trip.
Shortly after Grandpa left Walmart, a man approached him about getting a {Walmart type} store in China started. Grandpa obliged and recruited Scott's dad to help. A few months later--Lotus was born! It's the Walmart of China. Needless to say, Randy knows everything about China since he lived there for many years. Plus, he's really good with chop sticks....
Randy and Grandpa can help me with all I need to know so I don't feel the need to do tons of research. I told my Mom I'm really determined to find a Lotus.
What else should be high on my China to-do list? Anybody ever been there? Facebook me!

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