Saturday, September 17, 2011

Boom Boom Pow

So I got in a wreck yesterday. Actually it was's midnight.
This has truly not been my week. I fall in my shower Monday night---tear left foot ligaments. Then today I'm driving Scott's car--heading home on Walton and BOOM! Car hits me. Ugh! It wasn't very traumatizing. I've been in 3 wrecks in my life and this one ranks #3 as least scariest. I saw it coming--in slow motion. I was at a complete stop--traffic was bad. I heard squeals and looked in my side mirror and saw a car acting all crazy like. I wanted to get out of the way but there was nowhere for me to go! I knew it was going to hit me or the car behind me. It's so funny how you can have so many thoughts within maybe 5 seconds.
I was the chosen one and I guess because I saw it coming, I wasn't surprised at all. I still got the shakes and stepped out of the car. So did the other girl and we decided to move to the nearest parking lot so we wouldn't block traffic.
I called Scott immediately since I was in his company car. I was so worried he would be annoyed but he--nor his boss--wasn't at all. I told him I was across the street from Taco Bueno and he had no clue where that was. #healthyfamily #kindaproudofthat
The girl--Barbie--felt horrible and apologized over and over but I wasn't angry. It was clearly an accident and she said she hydroplaned which was very understandable considering the weather today.
After all of the police work, and the (hour long) phone call with the Sara Lee Fleet + Insurance Company, I was finally able to (somewhat) finish what I was trying to accomplish--my Fall decorating. I felt like a bit of a hillbilly. I got in a wreck with two stacks of hay in my car. I traded with Scott at lunch (since he has an SUV) so I could fit the hay stacks in my car. Ironic!! I'm actually very grateful I wasn't in my car. That would have been way more traumatizing.
Scott informed me that I may have to take a drug test--as to prove I wasn't under the influence. I'm glad I avoided the doobie this week! (KIDDING! I've never done any kind of drug in my life--ever...EVER!!!!)
Anywho--Next week--by default--should be fantastic!

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