Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just How It Should Be

Today was, yet again, so busy. Who would have thought I could be THIS preoccupied as a housewife...with no kids?
Randy has been moving into his new house this week and he's enlisted my help. Not just with the picking out of things but with closet and kitchen organizing/decorating as well. It's been too much fun. Exhausting--but fun.

{Randy's new house! Bad angle--the moving van was blocking the good one but you get the drift.}

When I was in high school I used to say I wanted to be an interior designer. Then, I found out it was a very expensive major. So I went with Political Science instead--An equal love of mine. I was SO sure I was going to move
to DC and quickly become the worlds greatest White House Press Secretary. I ended up becoming a retired hairstylist turned housewife at the age of 25. Go figure.
Want to know something though? If you had asked me 10 years ago how I pictured my life--I would say exactly the way it is now.
I always knew I would meet a tall, dark, and handsome man who went to the UofA--majoring in business--wanting to live in NWA--working for a supplier. Call me crazy but I truly always thought--and knew--this would be my life. And it is! I wouldn't trade it for anything. Of course I get bored sometimes and think "okay you aren't having kids for a while and you can't keep doing this until then so you've gotta do something!!" And it can sometimes stress me out but I'm okay. I'm grateful that my husband doesn't care what I do or don't do. Although he frequently encourages volunteering. I think that would be so cool. I just need to be assertive and go out and do it!!
Anywho! That's my life. It's not a big/successful Press Secretary, a world renowned decorator or a hair stylist to the stars--but it's exactly what my heart always wanted. And because of that, I think I'm a very lucky girl!

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