Wednesday, October 12, 2011

China Preps & Date Night

Today was full of getting ready to leave for China. Which I'm doing on Friday. Early. I'm flying with Mom and Kyle out of Little Rock so I'm leaving here tomorrow. I'm not really in a hurry. I think I've gotten everything done. Since I'll be gone for SO long, I want to stay at my home sweet home as long as possible.
Holly is staying with Scott. She's pretty much a full time resident at the Johnson household these days. Sorry to my parents but she likes being here better. She makes it known. And how could you possibly make her life anything but ridiculously happy? Speaking of happy puppies, Hol enjoyed the remainders of my Ruths Chris filet tonight.

Scott and I had date night tonight. We decided we should enjoy each others company in a very lovely way since we won't see each other for a very long time. I'm sad about it. And I felt a little sick to my stomach for a minute today thinking about leaving Holly at home--without me--for so many days. I know her and Scott will be okay but it just makes me anxious to leave my little girl for so long. Scott will no doubt be fine. He asked me to fix him up at Walmart and I think I did.

Holly and Scott will be okay for two weeks without me I'm sure! To be on the safe side, I got an international phone plan so I can constantly stay updated!
M'Kay. I need to devote my time to the new E! True Hollywood story on Kate & Pippa. I'm intrigued with both! This is sure to be fab!

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