Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Beauty Shop Visit + 4 Years

I took Holly to a much needed groomer appointment today. She has a girl in Little Rock who does a great job but I don't know when Holly will be in Little Rock again and it just couldn't wait. I decided to take Holly to the same hair salon Rose Julian goes to because her Momma, Jaclyn, recommended it. I was a little nervous to take Hol to a new person. I'd taken her somewhere up here once before and they totally butchered her. I actually had to look at Holly really hard to make sure I had the right dog. Horrible! Lesson learned--take a picture so they can see what she's supposed to look like!
Gail (the groomer) was so sweet. I could tell immediately she knew exactly what she was doing. THEN she told me she specializes in old dogs and those words were like music to my ears. After a good consultation I left my doodlebug to get all beautified! Gail called an hour later saying Holly was ready and when I saw her I was thrilled because she looked perfect!

Gail said Holly was so good and sweet and won lots of brownie points with me by raving on about Hollys "beauty." I get cute all the time but Gail's right--she's beautiful as well! :)
THEN, something happened. As we were leaving, Gail leaned in close to Hollys face and told her bye to which Holly responded by giving her a kiss on her nose. My knees almost buckled and I nearly hit the floor. Holly does NOT give kisses to anyone except me, Scott, Mom, and Dad. I still can't believe it. I called Mom and Scott to tell them about it. Mom's response was "Oh WOW!" and Scott's was "No Way." Top 10 Most Shocking Holly Moments Of ALL Time. She must've really liked Gail which made me so happy! Especially since Holly despises getting groomed.

Finally, four years ago today Scott and I got engaged! It was such a sweet proposal and a wonderful and unforgettable night that he planned so perfectly! I'm a very lucky girl that such a great guy wanted to marry me! I love Scott SO much and not only do we continue to have a beautiful marriage that I'm so grateful for but he becomes more and more of a best friend to me every day and I wouldn't trade my friendship (and marriage) with my best buddy for anything!! I love you babe! I'm so incredibly blessed that God chose you for me. Thank you for asking me to marry you!!

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