Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Five years ago today I went on the perfect first date.

That's right. Five years ago at this very moment I was sitting in a romantic booth at Theos, eating an amazing meal, drinking great wine, and watching the snow fall outside while I was getting to know my future husband. We had the perfect first date! I knew after that date that we were going to be something special. About 2 weeks later I knew I was going to marry that amazing man. Just like that. No and's if's or but's about it. He was for me and the moment I realized it I got goosebumps and was literally brought to tears.

Our love has been perfection from the get go. Not to say our marriage is perfect--nobody would believe me if I said that! But I love our love. It's everything I always hoped and dreamed true love would be. Scott is my everything. My hero. My best friend. My companion. I wouldn't know how to live life without him!

I'm a sucker for always celebrating big moments. Today I wanted to cook a special meal. So I whipped up some delicious green beans, creamy corn (Scotts fav) and a tender and juicy filet with a crazy good sauce courtesy of Mrs Paula Dean. And just FYI, That filet came from the Schwans Man and it is was incredible. It competes with the Buther Deli for sure. So tender and juicy! You guys have just got to jump on the Schwans Man band wagon with me! Anywho, our meal was mighty delicious and still fit in my calorie budget for the day! Cheers!

(My greatest attempt in getting Scott involved in a photo op while he's working. Do you even have to ask? Of course he's working tonight. He set aside two whole hours for us to have a nice meal tonight though. Nice huh?! Ha!)
I love November 30 and will never forget that this is an important date in my life. After this day my life changed forever. And I'm so grateful that this day happened.
Five Years Babe! Five More? Plus Five More? Plus An Additional Fifty??!!! I LOVE You! And I'm glad you read my blog now since you can 'easily access it with your new iPhone." XO!

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