Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fresh Air & Blissful Sleep

Today was a lazy day so I don't have much to share but this....

Holly has this thing where she sticks her nose in the crack of the door and sniffs in the fresh air. She does it a few times a day. It truly cracks me up. She's so silly! AND giving me the eyes right now. Shes ready for bed--my bed. She's waiting me out. I love my snuggle bunny but she hogs my space. It's amazing how much room Holly manages to take up. And it can get so frustrating losing sleep because of her. Until I look at that little black furball, all snuggled up in my bed and sleeping so soundly and looking so comfortable that her being happily sleeping seems much more important than me being happily sleeping.
And that my friends is true love.
Alright Holly, let's go night night.

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