Thursday, November 10, 2011


Let me start by saying that today is my Dad's birthday! I'm celebrating by having a bottle of this...

It's one of my Dad's favorites so I felt it would be appropriate. Cheers Dad! Happy Birthday!

How cute is this little one? 15 years later and Holly's overwhelming cuteness still gets me! I seriously wonder how many times a day I tell her how cute she is, how much I love her, how sweet she is, and how many kisses I give her. I would ballpark around 50. Not kidding. And to be honest, I think Holly kinda gets tired of me kissing her cheeks so much. She sometimes gives me a "it is so annoying that you do that to me so often" look. I just can't help myself.
Today I got my mani/pedi. I typically save the mani/pedis for Fridays but I don't think I'll have time tomorrow so I did it today. I used to NEVER get mani/pedis. It's a new thing I've been doing the last year or so and I've found that I really, really enjoy them! I just go to a little place at the Promenade--ProfessioNail. (Haha. That name never fails to make me chuckle). The prices are great--I'm pretty sure they're the cheapest in town--and they always do a good job. There was a lady in there today who was a loud talker so I couldn't help but overhear her conversation with her nail tech. She had just moved from Texas, finished a late lunch at PF Changs and searched in her phone where the closest nail salon was and that's how she found ProfessioNail. Then she asked the girl if there was a mall in Rogers.'re at the mall. Did you not notice all of the clothing stores surrounding you? Hello!
Speaking of Hello moments....when Mom and Dad were up here last weekend for work they borrowed my car to get around town because they were in the Image One van/bus (oh yeah! We've got a bus now and no lie, it's kinda tight). Anywho, they both mentioned to me that the temperature gauge in my car was broken because it always said 66 and they knew it was much colder outside than that. I thought that was odd but figured it would be no big deal to fix it. A little bit later, we all piled in my car to eat lunch and Mom and Dad pointed to the temperature in the car and were like "See....66." Umm.....Sorry Pops and Gamma, that's the temperature of the inside of the car. Hello!

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