Wednesday, November 9, 2011


-----Hey-O! Just saw a commercial for the Victorias Secret Fashion Show. Ugh. Nothing could make me feel more bad about myself. The hair, make-up, bodies--GAH!! Of course I'll watch--I always do. I find it very entertaining for some reason.
-----Brangelina is on E! News right now discussing what countries are their kids favorites. I hope my kids are that well rounded in the travel world. I doubt we can be as extreme as them but I definitely want them to have the experience of seeing many great places.
-----I know I'm SO politically incorrect for saying this but I don't think Dr Murray should have been found guilty. I LOVE Michael Jackson but I'm sorry--he was the one wanting Propofal and he should be held responsible for using it. Was Dr Murray a "bad" doctor for giving it to him? Maybe. Should he have been more responsible? Yeah. Do I think MJ woke up while Murray wasn't in the room and took more Propofal? No. I just don't think Dr. Murray should spend time behind bars for doing something MJ wanted and would no doubt find a way to have no matter who gave it to him. Getting his license taken away--maybe. Prison? No. My husband is cringing as he reads this. He thinks my viewpoint on this is sooo distorted. Sorry. That's how I feel. You shouldn't fuel an addicts behavior but really, shouldn't the addict be held the most responsible? Now that you're all annoyed with me I'll move on.....
-----Holly is so cute today! I love her little haircut and she's acted extra adorable all day. I had to get new heart worm pills for her yesterday. I walked in the Rose Animal Clinic and the girl said "I know you're Holly's momma I just don't remember your name." Haha! Aww. I find it a huge compliment that they know Hol so well. However it's also quite sad that my little girl visits so often that they know who we are. It's partly my fault. I make unnecessary appointments out of worry but still! Sweet. I love that clinic. They told me I'll soon be receiving an AARP card in the mail so we can get discounts. Die! How cute.....and score! Holly costs a fortune but it's worth every penny.
-----Christmas decorations are up in NWA. Not to be a Scrooge but isn't it a little early?
-----Speaking of NWA, it is so gorgeous in the fall. It's beauty never fails to amaze me. Fall is truly my favorite time of the year!
-----That's all.

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