Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Arkansas vs SC + My Great Weekend

Hey Friends! Today I'll tell you about the fantastic weekend I just experienced. It was one of those that seriously couldn't have been more perfect and the reason for that is because it consisted of me hanging out with so many of my great friends!!
(Does anyone else think Hannah and I could pass for sisters in this picture?)

Friday night Scott and I drove to Fayetteville to have sushi at Sho Gun with Jax, Craig, Christina, Ashley and Hannah. Ashley and Hannah spontaneously decided to come up to NWA for the weekend and it thrilled me to pieces! We enjoyed our meal then went to Jax and Craig's and stayed until 1:30 am talking! It was great.
Scott and I slept in and excitedly got ready to head down to The Hill for the big game. We stopped by Jaclyn's and picked up her and Jake (who also made me happy by coming into town) then met up with Ashley and Hannah at Slim Chickens (per Jake's request) for lunch. Too many chicken fingers, fries, buttery toast and a large amount of cayenne ranch consumed between Scott and myself later, we headed for campus to get our tailgate on.Last weekends tailgate wins as best ever this year. I loved having all of my friends to spend it with--we got there super early--and had a blast. There is nothing like a fun tailgate before a college football game where your team is ranked in the top 10.
The game was a lot easier on my nerves than I thought it would be. I was worried it would be neck and neck but the Razorbacks went easy on their fans for once and proved to be a much better team than SC. All in all, the weekend was seriously so perfect. I wish every weekend could be like that. My parents were in Harrison for work and drove to our house Saturday night to stay with us. We got to spend a little bit of time with them which was just the cherry on top. I love my friends and family and their company always makes me happy. Of course the weekend wouldn't be complete without Jake and I making sure we got a picture together mimicking Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves in all of their Twitter pictures. We (maybe just I) really enjoy doing that and for some reason it cracks us up so hard---it doesn't take much....

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