Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hey guys! Sorry for the blogging absence this week. It's been a crazy week getting ready for Thanksgiving. I'm sure you can relate.

Im blogging to you from my new iPhone 4S!! I've been needing a new phone for SO long now!! I think I've mentioned before how slow my phone had gotten. I love the new features the 4S offers!! Last night I FaceTime'd with Mom and Dad. I felt so out of touch with the tech world because I couldn't stop going on and on to Scott about how cool FaceTime is!! I believe Mom and I will use it a lot.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow. This is Scott's year for Thanksgiving so we're staying here in NWA. We're doing lunch with his mom and dinner with his Dad, Grandparents, and Uncle Brian. Scott's family is so small!!! It's definitely different from my huge family holiday gatherings. Today I'm going over to Randy's house to decorate the table for Thanksgiving. He wasn't planning on having even a centerpiece but I can't handle that! Whenever my family has holiday gatherings the dining room table looks like a display table in Pier 1 or Pottery Barn. You have to make it pretty and special right!!? It's a holiday! So I'm just going to take it upon myself to decorate. He won't care and I know he will be pleasantly surprised at how nice it is to have a pretty decorated table! If nothing else, Grandma will appreciate it.
Finally, we have a guest staying with us this weekend....

Miss Rose Julian is staying with us for the week while her Momma and Daddy are out of town for Thanksgiving!
Okay folks, I've got just a little more cooking and preparations left so I better get moving. I hope you have a blessed day tomorrow!

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