Saturday, November 19, 2011

One. Two. Three.

---Today Scott & I went to Randy's house to watch the game on his massive screen in his theater room. I now understand why my husband insists on putting one in our (future) house.
---I've never in my life cheered so hard for a team that wasn't the Razorbacks. But I was a USC and major Baylor fan tonight. Woo Pig! Number three! Be still my heart....
---Anyone else get so bewildered when people are born and raised in Arkansas but cheer for a different team in the SEC? I don't understand it even if you choose to go to that school (which, PS, why would you do that) but especially if you went to the UofA. I truly will never be able to wrap my brain around this.
---Scott thought he wanted to go to bed early tonight so while he was in bed watching the OU/Baylor game I was in the living room. I thought he was asleep the whole last half. However, once the game was over he came into the living room to say "NUMBER THREE!!!!!!!" then grabbed a snack size bag of ranch doritos, followed by a mini rice krispy treat, devoured both, announced nachos sounded good then turned right back around and went to bed without saying anything else. Umm....???

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