Saturday, November 12, 2011


True Story: When WPS first became popular, I had no idea what it meant for the longest time. Today I finally learned that when people say SMH it means 'Shaking My Head.' I've been wondering for so long now!! Gah! I'm getting old and out of touch with the coolness and it's happening more often than ever. When the students at the first Razorback game starting doing the tight little dance to 'All I Do Is Win' Scott looked at me and said "I'm so old and not cool anymore. Not only do I not know the moves but I've never heard this song before." "Don't worry" I replied. "Neither have I." We both quickly got on board and know the moves + own the song. Keepin it real as long as possible....
Today was a (semi) typical Razorback home game day. We got up and moving and were on The Hill by noon. About 10 minutes of tailgating in, I told Scott I wasn't sure if I could take the coldness and EXTRA hardcore wind. I actually become an angry person when I'm cold. I can't take it. If I was that cold when the sun was shining, there was just no way I could handle sitting on a cold metal bench--in a freezing outdoor stadium--for 3+ hours. The fact that I knew I would leave Holly home alone for nearly 12 hours helped the rationalization in my head that we should probably just watch the game at home. So we wussed out and did just that. I don't regret the decision.
I do regret that I took not one single picture while tailgating!! I was just not on my game today. It makes me extra bummed since Ashley and Mallory were in town! We all gathered together for dinner last night with Braclyn and Ashleys brother & girlfriend and it was lovely! I love a large gathering of friends. Oh well! I did manage to get one photo today. I decided on a whim to actually purchase a true Razorback outfit. I was in the Razorback store a few weeks ago and spotted a black sweater with a little Razorback on it. I thought it was really cute and very festive so I got it! It was fun to wear a Razorback today even though nobody saw it because I had a coat on the entire time. Oh well. At least you could see my cute new shoes! Pair it all with red lips and a little braid and I was all set and ready to call my Hogs. WPS!

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