Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where's My Card?

I experienced such an embarrassing moment today. I went to Walmart to get groceries for tonight's meal. The girl checked me out, I had my sacks in my cart, and when I opened my wallet to pay--OH NOOOO!!! I had not one single thing in my wallet to pay for my groceries. I had taken out my credit and debit card along with my drivers license and a little cash and put it in a smaller bag that I took to the Razorback game. I put them in the little zipper pocket on the inside of the purse and forgot to take them out.
I tried to give her the card number so she could type it in but Walmart doesn't do that. I had two people behind me and was so humiliated! I didn't want to drive home then come back and re-do because that would be really annoying. I was at the checkout that was right next to the Arvest so I told the girl I had an Arvest account and I could get some cash. She agreed to let me leave the groceries in my cart while I got money so I could pay.
Dying of humiliation at this point, I go to the bank teller, explain my condition and cross my fingers. I cross my fingers because Scott and I NEVER use that account and I wasn't even sure there was anything in it. Not only do we not use that account, it's technically not my account. Just Scotts. They won't put me on it until I prove we're married and bring in our marriage license. Well that piece of paper is matted, framed and hanging on a wall. The idea of grabbing my marriage license off the wall and taking it to Arvest to prove I'm married to Scott--for an account we don't even use--is too much of a production for me. So I've chosen not to do it.
I explain all of this to the teller and he gets on the phone to talk to important Arvest people. Long story short, 30 minutes and a huge long line of people waiting behind me later, I'm allowed access to our account which actually does have money in it. Whew! This is a huge victory since Scott, the account holder, isn't with me, I don't have an ID and I know ZERO info about the account including the random address thats linked to it (which turned out to be Scotts Dad's address for some strange reason). Now that I think about it, the Arvest guy was pretty irresponsible for letting me access it.....
Regardless, I got my cash, paid for my groceries, and walk out with a red face. The only thing that helped numb the embarrassment was the bank teller informing me that it happens all the time. I hope I never allow that to happen to me again. It was stressful and humiliating.

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