Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Greetings! I hope your day was fab! Mine started out pretty early. The doodlebug always has a way of waking me up while she's still comfortably sleeping her little head off. And if you listen closely, she sometimes has a pretty good snore going on! Holly stays in my bed snoozing away until about 11:30. She'd stay there way longer but I get to a point where I'm ready to make the bed. It's definitely true that old dogs sleep a lot. I bet she sleeps 16 hours a day! I sometimes make her stay up and keep her active as much as possible and she doesn't mind. Holly loves to play with her toys, go bye bye, and get the mail. She's just bored I think. That's what I'm going with....
Today I spent way too much time making my Christmas 2012 playlist. It's good. I bought the Glee Christmas album today and it's something everyone should purchase! Every cast member has their own song which helps to mix it up and not make it seem like it's the same person singing on the whole album. Not that, that's a problem as I thoroughly enjoy Michael Buble's new Christmas album very much as well. With the new songs I got today and the ones I have from last year, I have plenty of Holiday music to listen to without hearing the same songs over and over. Very riveting stuff huh?

Finally, this pretty little girl is making an appearance in my backyard right now. So gorg!! I love an Iris!
This post just put me to sleep.....

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