Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Today was interesting. I was out and about running a lot of errands. I decided I'd finally had enough of the "Tire Pressure Low" message my car has been showing me the last few weeks. My tire pressure gets low probably once a week in the winter. It's so annoying because the little alert button will not go away until you fix the problem. Grrr! So I pulled into a gas station to fill up my tires. Since I have to do this frequently in the winter, I'm getting to be an expert. Except today's experience threw me a curveball. I was trying to get the gauge to say 30 (like its supposed to be) instead of 28 (which is what it was....kinda ridiculous my car freaks out over 2 little points but whatev). I get to filling up while checking the gauge and it kept going backward on me! By the time it said 17 I gave up and called Scott. He couldn't leave work to help me because he had a deadline so I called my father-in-law. Randy was quickly there to help me fix the problem. In the middle of airing up my tires BAM. Car died. What is happening here!!! Randy found some cables and was able to jump the car off. I followed him to the dealership and sure enough I need a new battery. Luckily I'm still under warranty so it won't cost anything. Whew! Maybe they could fix the HUGE scratch I have on my passenger door while they're at it. Someone at the mall two weeks ago very obviously hit it really hard with their car door. So rude. At least leave a note saying "Sorry! --Anonymous."
On a happy note, I found Holly a super cute Christmas sweater today. When I got home, I pulled the sweater out of the sack and holding it up to her by its mini little hanger I said "Look what I got for you today Holly!!!!!!" To which she responded by immediately running away to hide. Haha! Why you gotta be so smart Holly? She doesn't like getting her arms through the holes. But she does secretly enjoy it once it's on because it keeps her warm. Silly girl. It made me laugh really hard. Here's her new outfit So cute!!

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