Saturday, December 31, 2011

Home Sweet Holly

I experienced a major Holly moment when I walked into my parents house after arriving home from Vegas yesterday. Mom and I walked in the door and headed straight to Holly's room {aka the closet where her bed is}. A few steps into my parents bedroom Mom and I started freaking out. We could hear Holly howling and moaning and it scared the crap out of us. I started running for the closet then stopped dead in my tracks. I didn't want to see it if something bad was happening. In the meantime, Mom is screaming for Dad to go in there. Scott said Dad just dropped his bags mid air and took off for Holly. Little miss must've heard the dramatic commotion and came running to us with her tail wagging.
Shocked and relieved, Mom and I grabbed her and sat on the sofa to give her a one over and try to assess what in the world had just happened. That's when we realized Holly had been crying. Because she literally would not stop giving me "I'm SO Happy to see you" kisses for 10-15 minutes. Usually Holly is happy to see us when we've been gone but she's over it in 3 minutes. She would not stop loving on all of us. It broke my heart!!!! I've never known Holly to cry. Poor little thing. She was SO sad that she laid in her bed and cried! That just crushed me. It's sweet that she missed me that much but I never want her to feel like that again.

After that Holly would literally not let me out of her sight. If I was going somewhere by golly she was going too!! I think the older she gets the more stressful it becomes to not be with her family. I've decided I just can't leave her anymore. With Mom and Dad would be okay of course but I think Holly had major separation anxiety this trip. Grammy said she acted normal and more spunky than she had in a long time so I don't know what the deal was but I can guarantee Holly it wont ever happen again!

I also think she was homesick. The minute we walked in the door, Holly asked to be put on the bed then comfortably placed herself on the clothes I was unpacking and passed out for the rest of the night!
My poor baby! The already spoiled little one has been even more spoiled now since her traumatizing abandonment moment if you could possibly believe that. Case in point:

I separated all of her Kibbles from the Bits for her today. Holly will only eat Kibbles & Bits now. Problem is she only likes the Kibbles (little round balls) and spits the Bits (bone & stick thing) on the floor. Well my princess doesn't have to deal with that anymore. Because I spent 30 whole minutes today prepping her food exactly how she likes it by taking two whole Kibbles & Bits bags and making it Just Kibbles for the doodlebug. If you guys don't get my love for her by now I don't know if you ever will!!
Happy New Years Eve! I can't believe 2011 is over. So crazy! Scott and I are staying in tonight. Relaxing after being gone for so many days + the combination of Holly's traumatization = a much needed night sitting on the sofa, watching TV/Movies, and just chillin. I hope you have fun tonight. See you back here tomorrow to go over resolutions!

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