Friday, December 30, 2011

Vegas Wrap Up

Our last full day in Vegas was my favorite way to spend time in Vegas. Start at the far end of the strip and work your way down while stopping in every hotel.

First we tackled In-N-Out burger. Yum! It was my first experience and it was good. Scott's friend used to live in California and he knows the In-N-Out lingo--stuff that's not on the menu but they'll make for you. Such as our fries "animal style." Gotta love feeling like a cool local! Ha!!

Next came The Cosmopolitan hotel which Scott and I love!! We'll be staying there the next time we go. We hung out and played blackjack for about two hours and apparently it's my good luck hotel because I walked away a winner!

Even though Scott's been to Vegas many times he's never caught the water show in front of the Bellagio. This time we made sure we got a chance to see it. It really is so beautiful and impressive!

After Bellagio we hit up Caesars to do a little shopping. I really didn't get much on this trip. I got a cute little Kate Spade bag for my toiletries and some makeup from Mac. I love a stand alone Mac store. They have stuff you can't get anywhere else.

We took a stroll through Venice and paused for a little afternoon vino. Very Italian of us.

Finally we got dressed up and ate an incredible dinner at Lavo. I highly recommend eating there if you're in Vegas! It's Italian and pretty divine. I LOVE good food!!

Last but not least, we enjoyed a little show after dinner. Jersey Boys!! It was great. I couldn't believe how many songs I knew that The Four Seasons did--like--all of them!! Some I didn't even realize were by them. The show was great! I would recommend going to see that one!
I stayed up until 3:30 playing blackjack. Four whole hours of it! I've never been able to play for that long. I've totally got this game figured out now. I have strategy. I had more than doubled my money at one point but got all greedy and lost it all. UGH!!! That's Vegas. It's so hard to walk away though! I kept thinking "I'll get it all back." I should remember that Vegas isn't built on winners but I guess I didn't think that rule applied to me last night. Stupid. I had a lot of fun though and Scott walked away a big winner so I guess that makes up for it right?!
We're on our way home now. The trip was a blast. Gotta love Vegas!!!

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