Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vegas Celebration

Vegas has been great so far! We arrived to our hotel The Palazzo, around 5. Scott and I ate an incredible dinner at TAO. It was so unbelievably delicious. It's impressive that as many times as I've been to Vegas it was my first time to eat there but it's true. I've never been able to get a reservation before!! So glad I finally got to enjoy TAO!

After TAO Scott and I hit the blackjack tables and did really great! I was up $175 and decided I better walk away and go to sleep. I never win, so I was pretty excited!!
Yesterday was the most important day---Mom turned the BIG 5-0!!! Mom, Scott and I hung out earlier in the day. We shopped and enjoying the great city of Las Vegas!!
For lunch we chose Maggianos, one of mine and Scott's favorite. The birthday girl didn't have a preference so she let us pick! We wanted to save room for the scrumptious dinner that awaited us later that evening so we all shared an appetizer, salad, and entree and still had leftovers!! The portions there are HUGE! It's so good though. I wish SO bad we could get a Maggiano's in Arkansas.
Before dinner at Auerole we all gathered at The Champagne Bar in our hotel and toasted to Mom while she opened presents! A cute little Kate Spade bag from yours truly and a Shutterfly photo album from Dad (which I made....just throwin that out there!!) full of photos of Mom from the day she was born until now. She loved it of course! It will always be a great keepsake.
Dinner was, of course, incredible. I splurged on a filet--I never eat red meat--and it was amazing! We were there for many hours, many courses, and many many many bottles of wine. Hey, it's a celebration!!! We all went into the kitchen to give our compliments to the chef and decided to make a photo op out of it! Everyone loved Auerole and dinner with all of us was an absolute blast!

After dinner Scott and I tackled the tables again where I not only lost the $175 I had won the night before but also an additional $100. BOO!!!! Gonna try to win it back tonight. Wish me luck!! Vegas Baby!

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