Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vegas Here We Come

Hey-O! I'm excited because I'll be in Vegas in just 45 minutes!! We left Little Rock this morning and surprised my Mom at the airport. Dad flew all of their couple friends out to Vegas bringing our group total to 14! Woop Woop! It's gonna be a fun week y'all!! I wanted to share that with everyone earlier but didn't want to spoil the surprise since Mom reads my blog obviously.
Now I'm all set in some new Christmas duds and ready to take on Vegas. I love this city!

I also love this picture. I'm kinda obsessed with it actually. My sweet little ones!! Holly will actually let Landon hold her now. He's so excited! Of course her face looks like this when he does hold her...

Which is pretty hilarious but at least she's learning to tolerate him a little better! Plus he's learning to be more gentle. Good compromise!
Landon went back to Tampa today, Grammy's watching Holly and we're going to have ourselves a grand time all week! Vegas Baby!!

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