Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Klutzy Kara

Last night I went to the ER and this is what my hand looks like now.

What happened? Well I was cooking a dish from Cooking Light for dinner. The recipe said to cook some chicken in a skillet on the stove for a few minutes then stick it in the oven to continue cooking. Once the chicken was finished and I got it out of the oven I went about my merry little way to finish the recipe. I needed the same skillet to make the special sauce so I grabbed the skillet and attempted to move it to the burner I wanted it to be on. Suddenly it registered with my brain that the handle was hot and I just dropped the skillet mid-air while it collapsed to the floor.
I immediately ran to the sink to let cold water run over my burned hand. Talk about agony. I've never experienced pain like that. Scott was there when it happened and insisted I go to the ER. So we went and they told me I had second degree burns. They wrapped me up, told me what to expect for the next 2 weeks, gave me some serious pain meds and sent me on my way.
It was such a careless accident on my part. The handles on my pots don't get hot so I'm always picking them up or holding them while I'm cooking and I never stick them in the oven so I just wasn't thinking.
I was so worried that I would have a hard time operating with just one hand but it's surprisingly easier than I thought. I can't do some things--like put my hair in a ponytail--so I enlisted Scott's help with that and this was the result.

Quite an interesting version of a ponytail huh?!
Today has been pretty easy considering I'm without a hand. Luckily it's my left hand that's hurt so that's helpful. I just feel like such a klutz these days and I'm totally over the injuries. This should be healed in 2 weeks. I'm already anxious for the next two weeks to fly by.

We got a little dusting of snow in NWA today. So pretty! Talk to you all tomorrow!

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