Monday, December 5, 2011

Paranoid Momma

Today has been one worth writing about. Holly made a trip to her doctor today. I was giving her a good massage last night when I felt a knot on her neck. I freaked out (of course) immediately. It wasn't protruding outwardly but I could feel something. I was so worried it was a knot on her lymph node and discovered via PetMD if it was cancer it was bad. You can't really treat cancer of that kind on a 15 year old and it spreads very quickly. Of course I followed my usual routine: tears, sick to stomach, prayer...
Scott said he'd go with me to see Dr Brown in case it was bad news. I told Mom this morning and she was so upset and told me to call her as soon as I found something out.
Her appointment was at 2:00 and Dr Brown was so sweet as always. She asked me what was going on and I told her about the knot and I was worried it was cancer. She felt around on it, looked at me and said "that's a pimple."
Die!! Of happiness first then embarrassment. Scott said "I'm taking PetMD away from you." Ha! Well. You never know....
Of course Holly is fine. Dr Brown is always so impressed by Hollys health----and my paranoid overreacting behavior too probably. I called Mom to tell her all was fine. She was so happy but immediately said "Kara!!! A pimple? I've been crying all day." My bad! You can never be too careful though. Anytime something seems strange I will take her to Dr Brown. That's just the way it is!

On a lighter note, Holly discovered her Christmas present under the tree today and she wants to open it SO bad. She always knows when the present belongs to her but she never will open it. She goes crazy on Christmas Day when she finally gets to tear into it. I swear y'all she's a 4 year old trapped in a dogs body.

Finally, eek! Could you die over Holly's new coat? It's SO cold up here and if she's outside (which she hardly is) for even 4 seconds she shakes like someone just put her in an ice bath. This lovely red down jacket with fur hoodie prevents her from shaking. She looks like such a pretty girl in it! And always gets tons of compliments :)

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