Friday, December 16, 2011

My Friday

Hey Friends! Today was very productive. I woke up, made fresh squeezed OJ (seriously) and lounged in bed for the whole hour of Live! With Kelly. Michael Buble was the guest co-host today. I could eat him up! I saw him when he made his first appearance on the show and I fell more in love with him then. He's adorbs. Amaze. Redic. Perf. Hister....Okay I'll stop. But for real. He's such a great co-host. Definitely brightens up my morning! I'm so glad I get to watch that show every day. It literally brings me joy.
After it was over I hit the gym. It's the first time I've been all week. That fact has given me major anxiety. I'm super into working out right now. However, I've found myself very busy this week and have literally not had time to workout. I know that seems like a lie since I'm a certified housewife but it really is true. I've got projects. Lots.
I left the gym and had to go straight to Dillards to get make-up. I was 100% out of my Chanel Double Matt Perfection whatever it is. Slightly embarrassing having to enter a store bare faced but whatev. I kinda wanted to be all celebrity like and sport the sunglasses all the way through my store visit but I didn't. Because I'm not a celebrity--and I could never get away with that. Even though I really wish I was cool enough that I could...
Once I got home I worked on tweeking my outdoor Christmas lights. Holly really wanted to join me. So I told her "Okay Holly. You can come outside with me BUT you can't sprint down our sidewalk like you always do and run down the street. If you want to go outside you can only stay on the porch. Okay Holly. Do you understand?" She looked at me very intently, said yes and guess what? She obeyed me. Ha!! Brilliant.
Whenever I ask Holly if she wants to go outside or get the mail she says yes, runs to the front door, I open it, and she runs crazy fast down the block. ALWAYS. But! I told her she couldn't do that today. And she obeyed. I know you all probably get annoyed with my Holly bragging but I just have to remind everyone about how incredibly smart and fabulous Holly is--always--all the time. Because it's truly remarkable. It really is amazing how great Holly is.
Later that evening my Uncle Rex and Marge Anna called to say they were in town and wondered if they could stop by to say hello. They had mentioned they would be in town weeks ago and I just totally forgot! I gave them directions and told them to pop on over! Uncle Rex, Marge Anna, Audry, Amelia and (I die because I forgot her BF's name....I hope they don't read this) all popped over. It was so fun. We enjoyed some Presquile and visited and it was SO lovely!
Wanna know what was even more lovely? I put on my Cinderalla face and cleaned my house spotless earlier today. THEN, for no good reason at all I got all fixed up--just because. When does that happen? Spotless house, all dolled up, unexpected company. Never! Whew!

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