Thursday, December 15, 2011


I took this picture when Scott and I were in Crested Butte in January and I just love it! It's my ipad background right now. So festive.
Turns out I'm not a Scrooge after all. I finally got Christmas lights put up outside. I didn't do much at all. Just lots of colorful lights in the bushes. At least it's something!
While I was putting the lights out a lady asked me for her help. Her little Yorkie, Bentley, was running all around my yard and she couldn't catch him. It was like a scene from Marley and Me. I couldn't get him either. I chased after that little booger for about 10 minutes. He just kept going round and round. I finally enticed him with a treat and was able to grab him and give him back to his Momma. Holly is such a good dog. She would never do that and even if she did all I would have to do is yell "Holly" very sternly and she'd stop cold in her tracks. She won't even go out the door unless I tell her she can. I could leave it open all day long and she'd just stand at the door step until I gave her the okay. I love dogs and feel as if I'll always have one but what if I got one like that???!!!!! Anything will be a huge adjustment compared to Holly no matter what because Holly is seriously the perfect dog. I asked how old Bentley was and she said he was one. Ehh, that has a little something to do with it probably but Holly has always been as calm as a cucumber. Hyper dogs are hilarious--when they're not yours. Oh goodness.....I already feel bad for my future dogs. I'm sure they'll hear "why can't you be more like Holly?" all the time. Who knows, I'll probably be so traumatized when I don't have Holly anymore that I'll never have another dog again. It honestly wouldn't surprise me even though I love dogs so much.

Today I tried to find Landon one last little Christmas present. I'm going with a Harry Potter theme this year since he loves it SO much. I got him a new Harry Potter game for his DS and a Quidditch Lego thingy. I want to get him one more Harry Potter Lego but they must be super popular this year because they're super hard to find. Landon's favorite toys these days are Legos and I've found it to be my favorite toy for him. You see, Landon is kinda like Bentley the Yorkie. If he has a Lego though he'll work on that thing for hours in total silence. So nice.

Okay, I'm going to enjoy my evening now. Have a great night friends!

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