Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Oh my goodness yall. I've wanted to blog all week but I literally have nothing interesting to say. It's been a pretty boring week. Scott's in his relay at work so he's super busy with that. I feel like I hardly see him.
I do have something fun to announce. On December 27 I'm going to Vegas Baby!! My Mom's 50th birthday is December 28 and we're going to have a little shindig out in sin city. Who's excited? Me! You know I'm always up for a little Vegas vacation!
I can't believe Christmas is so soon. I love the holidays but I'm kinda ready for it to be over. My house always feels really cluttered with all of the Christmas decorations. I love them and I enjoy looking at them but I'm ready to get my house back to normal.
Maybe I'm just being a Scrooge this year. I still haven't put lights up outside and since it's so late I guess I'm not going to. I'm always annoyed when people don't put lights up. Where's your Christmas spirit you know!? Guess I'll be annoyed with myself this year.
I basically have all of my Christmas shopping complete. I haven't found anything for my Mom though. I usually don't have a problem finding her a gift. It's a challenge this year for some reason.
Who's already ready for the presidential election campaign to be over with? I mean, it's the only thing the news can talk about and it's only going to get worse. Don't get me wrong, I love politics but all those ads and debates and what not get pretty old pretty fast.
Speaking of ads, lets talk about Phil Votaw the lawyer. He has so many commercials up here in NWA. He prides himself on not being a typical lawyer. You know, he only cares about you--not money. His commercials are annoying and the fact that he tries to prove his point so hard by wearing an Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt is so ridiculous. I would never hire a lawyer who wears an A&F shirt in his commercials--Fail Phil Votaw. Fail.
The microwave just beeped which means my dinner is ready. Last weeks cooking accident has traumatized me just a touch. I'm not ready to handle a skillet quite yet. Luckily though, my hand is healing quite nicely. Much better than what the doctor said so that's good! I do have three scars on my palm though and I really wonder if they'll ever go away. We shall see. Enjoy your night! Barbara Walters most fascinating comes on tonight. I always love watching that.

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