Monday, January 2, 2012


Who's been watching the bowl games all day? Its all the Johnson household television has seen today and I've really enjoyed it! Scott did let me squeeze in a 2 hour sesh of The Bachelor. Looking forward to seeing you on Bachelor Pad Jenna! So far I like horse girl, Texas yellow dress, and brunette sparkly mini. Pageant girl seems cute too. Lose the sash though honey. That is way embarrassing! I believe the model is the new Michelle. Looking forward to this one! It amazes me how much I LOL while watching that show.
I took down all of my Christmas today. It's a little sad seeing my snow village gone because I enjoy it so much but it feels good to be back to normal. I also took the opportunity to clean out my two guest bedroom closets while I was going up and down the attic. Now my guests can actually stick their suitcase and hang their clothes in there! Ahh. So much better. Good thing only Mom, Dad, and Grammy have stayed with me lately. I would've been embarrassed if anyone but them saw my closets in their previous conditions. I don't like clutter so it's impressive I allowed so much of it in there!
We've had a rough day with Holly. She had an accident in my bed, her bed, AND she threw up on the sofa. She always thinks she's going to be in so much trouble when that happens. She never is nor has been so I don't know why she cowers away like she does. Once she sees she's not in trouble she just wants you to hold her for an hour. Poor baby. I don't think anything is wrong with her because she's acting totally okay. These things just happen all of us. That's what I tell her. Because its true.
I'm heading to bed. Night!

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