Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wide. Awake

I'm wide awake so I'll blog quickly! Today I had a super hard workout which made me so hungry so Scott and I had dinner at 4:50. Yup. Then at 7:45 I crawled in bed and fell asleep. It's nearly midnight and now, of course, I'm wide awake. Why can't you just stay asleep when you go to bed that early? I wasn't trying to take a nap! I for real wanted to go to bed. Boo!! Looks like I may be depending on my friend, Ambien, tonight.

Holly has been a mess tonight. For the first time ever I've had a hard time getting her to sleep. She kept asking for treats and couldn't make up her mind where in the bed she wanted to sleep. She's all settled now and her and Scott are sleeping very soundly. Hopefully I'll be joining in on that soon!!

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