Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Morning Dreams

Today I had to take Holly back to the doctor to see if her ears are better after a month of medicine. The left one is perfect, the right one needs ANOTHER two weeks. Shes really, really starting to hate getting these drops in her ears. Holly acts like such a crazy dog when we go to the vet. It's so embarrassing. They always say "she's just full of energy!" What they're really trying to say is "you have one hyper dog." I've never even tried to attempt to tell them that she's beyond chill and anyone who's ever around her always comments on how calm and well behaved she is. They would never believe me. I don't know why she acts like she does when we go there but she ALWAYS has. Shes never experienced anything traumatizing at the doctor--just normal check-ups. Silly girl.

I got a lot accomplished today even though I slept in pretty late. I've done that the last few days. I must need a lot of recovery sleep from Vegas. I didn't get much while I was there. I always feel so lazy when I sleep in. I never set an alarm because I usually wake up when Scott does. A doctor on Oprah once said you shouldn't feel guilty or lazy if you sleep in really late. It's your body's way of letting you know you need sleep. I thought that made plenty of sense so I try not to feel guilty if, once a month or so, I sleep in. I'm off to bed now! Hopefully I can get good sleep and wake up early. One of these days I hope to think Scott and I will be so grown up that we wake up around 6:30, sit at our kitchen table in our matching robes and slippers, reading the paper, sipping coffee, and nibbling on a homemade omelet and piece of toast with a side of fruit. Doesn't that sound like a lovely morning? Maybe that can be our 2020 resolution. Please don't tell me if your life is already like that. I would feel pretty bummed about myself if you did. We sleep until the absolute last second until we have to get up then scramble and get into each others way while we rush to get ready. Most people my age are that way right?

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