Thursday, January 26, 2012


Do you think SaraLee would mind if I took Scott's computer and threw it as far as I could? I'm so stinking tired of looking at that stupid thing. We're going on 4 straight months of 80 hour work weeks and I am totally over it. Scott sits in the same dining room chair every night while working. The other night a little bit of our floor broke where that chair is and I'm totally not kidding. I love this little one so much. I find myself very emotional these days about her. I have a moment every day where I look at her and think "gosh I'm going to miss not getting to look at that cute face one day." I'll miss giving her kisses and getting her kisses. The way she looks at me when she wants a treat. Her "I love carpet" dance after getting a bath. The way she perfectly curls up in my curve at night. All the water dripping from her face after she gets a drink. How she runs away and hides from me when I tell her she stinks. Taking naps together. Hearing her little feet on the hardwood. Licking her lips when I say a yummy treat word she knows. How she stands in the kitchen the entire time I'm cooking. That she sneezes to get my attention instead of barking like most dogs would. How excited she gets to get the mail. The way she pays so closely attention to me when I'm talking to her. And how she always knows she gets a treat when we go to the bank. Or simply watching her take a snooze. Plus a zillion other things!! My time with her is so limited and it breaks my heart. If I let myself think about it too much I'll just ball my eyes out. I try to tell myself that I can't control it and to just savor every moment I have with her and not worry about the (near) future. Holly has captured my heart in a way that nobody else has or ever could. I will be absolutely heartbroken when my life doesn't have her in it anymore. Okay let's stop talking about it before I make a mess of myself.
Holly got a Mini Busy Bone yesterday and just take a look at how messy she made herself while eating it!! All over her paws, her face, and the blanket which is precisely why I made sure I put one down before giving it to her. She just LOVES the Busy Bone.
What she doesn't love? Getting her picture taken 46 times a day. Look at her giving me 'the look.' She's like, Kara I am SO over having my picture taken today!! She's so funny. Sometimes she doesn't mind but sometimes I pull my phone out and hold it up to take a photo and she'll totally turn her head and won't even look when I ask her if she wants a treat! She's crazy!! I love it.

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