Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our Three Year Anniversay Date

Scott and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary yesterday with a nice bottle of champagne and a lovely dinner. We always drink Vueve on our anniversary. Scott had a bottle waiting for us in our wedding night suite and every since we've just made it a tradition to splurge on it! We only have it once a year so I always really enjoy drinking it.
We decided to try out a new (for us) restaurant in Bentonville called the Petit Bistro. I've 'liked' them on Facebook for quite some time and the photos they post of their cuisine always look divine. Since it was our anniversary we wanted to go somewhere we hadn't been before to help make the evening feel really special. I'm so glad we choose to go there because we loved it! The atmosphere was so neat (very Napa like) and the food was incredible. We got Grilled Brie for an appetizer and I believe I could eat it every day for the rest of my life and never grow tired of it. I got a filet and Scott got a ribeye. I left stuffed but satisfied! We will definitely go back and I encourage everyone to try it out! I've heard their outdoor space is so amazing so when we get great weather I can't wait to try it out! The food is just as good as it looks! I'm so excited we've found a new place to eat especially since it's in Bentonville. It seems like all of the good restaurants go to Fayetteville. Petit Bistro is definitely a new favorite!
After dinner I was so tired. I attempted to stay awake for a little bit but couldn't keep my eyes open so I got in bed at 10 and slept like a little baby! It was so amazing since, as you all know, I suffer from insomnia. However, the good nights rest caused me to wake up super early today. After laying in bed about 45 minutes I made the decision to put on my workout gear and hit the 6am. After a good workout on the elliptical and a few pushups and situps, I grabbed a breakfast sandwich at Panera for Scott (since Panera is in my gym's parking lot) ran by Walmart quickly to grab a few groceries then made it home in plenty of time to enjoy the morning with my sweet husband before he left for work.

I LOVED waking up that early (energized) and getting stuff accomplished. I wish I always felt that good in the morning and that became my daily routine. It made me feel so good about myself today. I actually talked to my doctor about my insomnia and he's given me some medicine to take for two weeks and he said my body should get on a good sleep pattern after that. I also learned after talking to him that insomnia is hereditary. Thanks Mom and Grammy!! I haven't taken the medicine yet but hopefully it works.
Holly is begging me for a treat (what's new) and I need to catch up on Dance Mom's. Until then...

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