Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fajita Pie

Hello friends! Thanks for coming back! I thought I would share one of my favorite recipes with you guys today! It's really easy to do and one of the first things I learned to cook. Actually, when I was Miss Teen Arkansas I went on Good Morning Arkansas and cooked this so it will always be a fun and special recipe for me simply because of that!

My Mom is the brain behind this meal which she named Fajita Pie! It came about when she was cooking our family fajitas then realized she didn't have any tortillas but she did have pie crust. So she decided to try using the pie crust instead and what came from that was a Luttrell family classic. Let's get started!

Step 1: Put a pie crust in your pie pan, trim the edges, and bake it in the oven 5-7 minutes or just long enough to get a touch brown.
Step 2: While that's baking, prepare your fajitas in a skillet just like you would normally do.
Step 3: Ones your fajitas are fully cooked, place them in your pie dish.
Step 4: Top it with cheese. You can use however much cheese you prefer. I prefer a lot!
Step 5: Place another pie crust on top and trim the edges. Bake using the same temperature and time the pie crust says. It's usually 450* for about 15 minutes.
Step 6: Cut yourself a large slice and thoroughly enjoy every bite! Add sour cream or salsa if you prefer!

It's that simple! I promise you'll love this fun twist to your regular old fajitas and I think it tastes even better the next day! If you leave enough for leftovers that is. One time we didn't. And by we I don't mean my Luttrell family I mean my Johnson family. As in just Scott and I. I know, there's no excuse for that type of eating behavior. Except for the fact that this is so delicious you sometimes can't bring yourself to stop!

Even Holly got to enjoy a little slice of it last night! I wasn't sure what she would think, but as you can tell from the pictures, she finds it incredibly yummy as well. She didn't even leave the peppers and onions and gave me 'the look' that insisted she devour another small slice. So she did! Because you know I don't know how to say no to that face.
So that's it! The famous Fajita Pie. I hope you all try it out! It's a great family recipe and like I said, so simple to make. Please email me to let me know if you make it! I hope you enjoy!

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