Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Releasing Tension.

You know how you have those things in life that are super irritating? I thought I'd share mine with you today because I'm having one of those days where they're almost intolerable.

---My shower. Oh My Goodness ya'll I can't take it anymore. We don't have anywhere to put our shampoo, body wash, etc because there aren't shelves in our shower. The over the shower head things don't work because they won't fit on our shower head right. So we have to use these suction cup shelves and they fall all. the. time. ALL THE TIME. The worst is when they come crashing down in the middle of the night. They fell today and the Dove body wash that I just bought on Sunday crashed down with it and busted. Soap was everywhere. EVERYWHERE I TELL YA. These suction cup shelves with be the death of me. I'm going to Bed Bath and Beyond today to try and figure out something else to do. I literally can't take it anymore.
---Voicemails. What are those about? Hang up and send me a text.
---Cleaning up Holly's poop and pee. She goes on puppy pads and while I definitely prefer that to her going outside for convenience purposes, it gets old changing it 6 times a day. Imagine changing your baby's diaper except you have to do it for 15 years. It's just like that.
---Laundry. How can two people create so much of it? Better yet, how come Scott creates so much? He'll wear something for an hour and throw it in the dirty clothes. 80% of the laundry belongs to him. When I was single I probably washed my clothes once a week. Now I do at least two loads a day. Ugh.
---This weather. I don't like this going back and forth between winter and summer stuff. It's January. Bring me a few inches of snow and let me take advantage of my wool pants.
---Email. I have three. One for personal, one for this blog, and one for spam (aka J.Crew, Tory Burch, Shutterfly deals etc.) When people email me they send to 2/3 of my emails and it bugs me SOOOOOOOOOO bad. What's the worst is when they send to multiple people and everyone 'replys all' and I get like, a gogillion of the same email over and over with everyone's new response. Why would you send me two of the same email? How do you politely say "pick one email address for me and stick with it please?" I guess I just did. Hopefully they get the (not so subtle) hint.

And a few more things.....
---Scott was asked to attend a work dinner on our anniversary. When he informed them it was his wedding anniversary that day they suggested I just come along. Mmm hmm. Cause that's exactly what I want to do on my wedding anniversary.
---My neighbor across the street gets her mail at the same time every day and she always brings her two yorkies with her. The strange thing is, she holds them the whole time. Walks out the front door holding the two yorkies, gets the mail, goes back inside while still holding the yorkies. Why bother bringing them? I just don't understand...
---My other neighbor. Trash day is Monday. Could you please take your trash can back to it's designated spot once your trash gets picked up or do you just like leaving the can on the side of the street until Friday?
---A new story surfaced about Mitt Romney. In the 80's his family took a vacation and drove the 12 hours to get there. They took their dog. He rode in a kennel on top of the car for that 12 hour drive. First of all, I'm against kennels to begin with. Combine that with the dog being stuck in it for 12 hours on top of your car! Cruel and unusual punishment. You officially lost my vote in the primaries. Not that you necessarily had it to begin with.

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