Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Today's Opinion

I may be a few days late but I still thought I'd share my favorite Golden Globe looks. It's always so hard for me to pick my absolute favorite because there are so many gorgeous gowns but I think I have to go with....Sofia Vergara. I wish she would have done something different with her hair but I thought this dress was beautiful.
This award show I wanted to mix it up and talk about some amazing looks that I feel like probably got overlooked. I thought Octavia Spencer looked absolutely stunning. The dress, hair, earrings, bag......everything about this look is perfect. I was so happy to see the E! Fashion Police nominated her as one of the best dressed because I think she just looks outstanding.

I also thought Ariel Winter from Modern Family looked perfect! She's 14 years old and I don't think any 14 year old has done a better job on a red carpet. This dress is Oscar de la Renta. Hello! She looks adorable and so age appropriate and I think she should get some major props for this fantastic Golden Globe look.

A few people have asked me to weigh in on Miss America as well. I mean, what is there to say? Are we ever excited about the winner? No. We always want the 1st or 2nd runner up. The winner is never the cute, spunky, beautiful, talented, fan favorite. She obviously wins the judges over in interview and that's all well and good. Her job is as a public speaker after all. I'm sure the girls are always super sweet and do a really great job. But let's skip the uber smart and serious girl for once and go for a Kelly Ripa type one of these days. That might liven the system up a bit.
And that's all I have to say about that.

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