Monday, January 16, 2012

All Work, No Play

I almost let Monday go by without blogging! Today I had a client come over for a haircut. She ended up staying at my house talking for 2 whole hours! It was nice visiting with her. She's in her 40's and so sweet. We've always gotten along really well.
Other than her coming over and getting in a really hard workout, my day didn't really involve much else. I probably wasted working out today with what I cooked for dinner. Fried chicken tenders from the Schwans Man, Au Gratin potatoes and Leseur Peas. I don't regret it. Plus, I'm trying to get rid of some food that's been in my house for forever. Mom bought me & Scott like, 10 boxes of Au Gratin Potatoes that were on sale super cheap over a year ago! I still have two more left. I also finished up those fried chicken tenders too. Im glad. That was totally an impulse purchase. Who has friend chicken just laying around their house?! Haha.

In exactly a month I get my husband back. He's been slaving away at work for....well I can't even remember how many months it's been. He worked 20 hours this weekend. You know, most peoples Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday hours worth of work. Ugh. So ready for this to be over. This has been the worst relay we've had so far and it's been really, really hard. Sadly it runs into our wedding anniversary which is one week from tomorrow. We'd always planned to celebrate our 3rd anniversary in Jamaica. Obviously that wont be happening. Maybe we can squeeze in a quick dinner at Sonic. Ha! See how I made a joke there? It's my attempt to pretend like I'm not bitter about it. Just another month. If he can do it I can too.

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