Saturday, January 14, 2012

If It Makes You Happy

Earlier this week I mentioned how much Holly loves to chew a Busy Chewnola. Well, that can now take a back seat to the Mini Busy Bone. I gave her one for the first time last night and the little booger wouldn't part ways with it all night long. She chewed on that thing for so many hours and would not let go--even when I picked her up! A little after midnight I told her we had to go to bed and she could get a new one in the morning. Bright and early at 6am today she woke me up asking for a bone. I obviously ignored her (it was 6am!!) so instead she used her sniffer all over the entire house to try to find her bone (which I had thrown in the trash--oops!). Silly girl!
A few other things making me happy this weekend...

Five dollar flowers from Walmart! I usually get two different types to mix together and they always look so pretty! Not too shabby at all for a $10 bouquet of flowers huh? I always tell Scott if there's ever an occasion where he wants to get me flowers to please just go get some of these from Walmart instead of spending $100 at a floral shop. I can arrange them just as pretty, it saves a bundle, and I enjoy them just as much.

My new found love for Waterfall Braids! I mastered this look last week and I love it! Maybe it's time for another tutorial? It's much easier to do than it looks. I'll see what I can do about getting a video together soon!
Holly's love for a heating pad always makes me chuckle. I pull it out every now and then for her to lay on. I feel like it's good for an old dog's joints. I usually put a blanket over it but it was just laying out on the sofa today and Holly went and plopped herself right on top of it! I took that as a hint so I turned it on and she's currently snoozing on a very nice and warm surface!
Finally, this beauty arrived on my doorstep yesterday! I am super picky when it comes to handbags. I never buy them because I rarely find one that I just really love therefore I tend to carry the same one every day for months and months and months. However, when I saw this in Vegas I knew it should be mine. It's huge (a requirement) and even though I wouldn't typically carry a bag that's a bright color, this raspberry shade was just too pretty to ignore.

Miss America comes on in just a few seconds. Better get going!

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