Friday, January 13, 2012

Chinese Secrets

Boy am I glad this week is over. It was a toughie but it's done and I have a feeling next week is going to be much better. My weekend will be spent relaxing, lots of movies, the Miss America pageant, and a little bit of Tebow football. Let's face it, we're all obsessed with him.
I'm excited for Miss America tomorrow night! I like the judges this year. Lara Spencer (one of the judges) did a little behind the scenes piece today on GMA and she said Miss America is "the queen of class." LOVE that! Very well said Lara! This years judges are helping the pageant get a lot of promotion which, let's face it, it needs it. You know what I wish would happen? The new Miss America would go on Dancing With The Stars! It's perfect timing since Mark Ballas is a judge AND the pageant is on ABC now. Miss America used to be a celebrity and every girl wanted to be her. It's lost it's relevance a bit. I think a stint on DWTS could help bring back what Miss America used to be. Okay Scott and I are going to watch Moneyball now. We're having a very lazy night which included Chinese Take-Out from Panda Express. Yes you heard that right. We've never had it before and Scott wanted to try it?? So we did. The drive through line was so long which made Scott declare "Oh my goodness if there are this many people here it must be REALLY good." I LOL really hard on the inside. And just so you know, it tasted just like any Chinese food you'd find in the mall--however your taste buds feel about that. BY THE WAY, I have a little Chinese food in the mall secret. If you're ever shopping and you want a little snack you can just go to the food court, walk slowly in front of the Chinese stands and pretend to look interested in their food and they'll offer up the free taste testings like it's no ones business. I taught Scott that trick and he always wants to do it when we go to the mall now. He's amazed at how easy it works. Seriously, try it.

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