Thursday, January 12, 2012

Keep Calm & Write A Blog

It's been hard for me to come up with anything to write about lately. Life the last week or two to be honest, has kinda sucked. And when you feel bummed about life it's hard to write about anything fun and carefree. Not that I want to cry and complain here now. That's never fun for anyone to read. But in case you're thinking to yourself that that this blog is getting pretty snorefest just stick with me and I'll try to make it better!
The Schwans Man just stopped by. I got some chicken pot pies and tomato soup. I thought those would be good wintery foods to have in the house. I always like to keep a lot of food in my freezer for just in case purposes. Especially now that I've seen the movie Contagion. If a crazy outbreak like that happens here I won't have to leave my house for at least 2-3 weeks.
I've been really into working out lately. I go through intense phases and I'm in one right now. I'm wanting to lose about 5 pounds so I've been spending a lot of time in the gym. I don't know if I've lost yet or not. Scales scare me so I stay away until I know for sure the number will be low. Haha.
I've also been addicted to Pinterest these last few weeks too. I've loved Pinterest for a really long time now but I find myself spending hours browsing for anything and everything. I used to get on there purposefully looking for something. Now I look at anything from people's weddings to homes to babies birthday parties and funny quotes. It's been keeping me incredibly entertained.
Finally, are ya'll watching Dance Moms? The second season premiered Tuesday and all weekend before that they were having a marathon and I totally got sucked in for hours and hours and hours. Dancing now is so different than it was even when I was doing it. These girls are incredible! I've always said I would put my daughter in dance classes, of course. That was all I knew my whole life growing up. But I won't be a crazy dance mom and hopefully the instructors and entire dancing experience will be different than that show. I could not handle my daughter getting verbally abused like that. I'm all about pushing someone to do their best but Abby Lee is a little extreme for me. How do those girls not cry more?


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