Monday, January 9, 2012


Today was just my average day. Same as yesterday, same as the day before that....and the day before that. I did stop by PetSmart to stock up on goodies for Holly. She hasn't been devouring her Kibbles like I prefer her to. She thinks she can only eat people food right now. SO I'm hoping to solve that with some Little Caesers meals. They fill her tummy up and even though I'm sure they're incredibly unhealthy I feel like it has to be better than people food. She's 15, whatevs. I also got her lots and lots of bones. When I got home I set everything on the floor and we had a serious sniff fest. I asked her which one she wanted and after careful deliberation she attempted to open the Chewnola (her favorite new treat). No surprise there! If you haven't given your dog a Busy Chewnola then you must drop what you're doing right now and go get one. Every dog I've given one to has been obsessed!

Since I was right by Lifeway I picked up a new devotional book to read. It came highly recommended by everyone who worked there. It's called Experiencing God Day by Day. Im looking forward to diving in! Finally, this will be the first and last time I say this but---Roll Tide! Watching them beat LSU so incredibly bad was a very beautiful thing to watch.

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