Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Funny Valentine

Happy Valentines Day!! I hope yours was filled with all the love you have for every special person in your life. It doesn't have to just be for the significant other. One of the best Valentines day I ever had was with a little 10 month old named Landon. We shared some peas....he had a bubble bath....we read a romantic story by Dr Seuss....perfection! Valentines Day used to seem like such a big holiday but I guess the older I've gotten the less significant it seems. Don't get me wrong. I'm all about a day where there's an excuse for a splurge whether it's a nice meal, flowers, chocolate, or a pretty present. But it probably ranks least important holiday on my list. Still though! It's worth celebrating. I do feel like its a bit of a girly holiday so I really never get Scott anything extraordinary. I do want to get him something though. This year I went with....
Cheese!!! I have never encountered another human being who loves cheese as much as my husband. I figured it was a crazy good idea for a gift. I contemplated getting all fancy and going with something like a Gouda, Brie, or Havarti. But lets be honest. We all just love a Pepper Jack cube. It's the first to leave the party. Scott found my gift strange and exciting.
I bought a really cute new shirt at Forever today (as seen above). I was way excited about it and the girls at F21 said they all sold out immediately. Then Scott observed it looks a bit refereeish and now I'm majorly questioning cause he might kinda be right. Ugh. At least it was only $13.
Scott and I indulged in a Valentines dinner and went to Ruth's Chris. Scott got a rib eye. Look at the size of that thing!!!!!!! He had no idea it was going to be that big. And in case you're wondering, Scott said its the best steak he's had at RC. I don't like fat on a steak so I dunno....but he thought it was yum!
We came home to this cutie pie--the best Valentine ever--who gets to enjoy some of her Karas leftover filet for lunch tomorrow! If she only knew the goodness that awaits her!!
Oh and Scott got me a great gift for Valentines Day! Two of my Vera Wang champagne glasses. I've broken 2 in the last few weeks and it was slightly traumatizing. They were wedding gifts and I love them and use them a lot. I'm so glad he replenished!! He said he saw how sad it made me to break them so he wanted to make sure I got them back. Both broke the same way too--cleaning them. I'll have to make sure I'm extra careful.

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