Monday, February 13, 2012

First Snow of 2012

Greetings!!! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was very nice. It was just good to get away and be surrounded by friends. We didn't leave the lake house all weekend long--actually I didn't even step one foot out the door on Saturday--and it was much needed.Like most of Arkansas, we woke up to snow today!! It wasn't much, especially compared to last year, but I still love the snow!! This is better actually because you aren't trapped inside for 4 whole days--like last year. I literally thought I would go nuts with the cabin fever last time. It was horrible!!! Some cute little boys (who are always riding their bikes around our neighborhood) knocked on our door and asked if they could shovel our driveway for $10. Since Scott and I don't know how to say no to the little ones, even when it's an extremely unnecessary purchase, we said yes....and Scott tipped them an additional $10. His excuse was "they're young and learning the value of working hard for money." Ha. Since Scott worked from home today I was a good housewife and made us an omelet for breakfast. It was super healthy too! Just egg whites, spinach, and tomatoes. I honestly think it's the best omelet I've ever had. Just goes to show you don't need all the cheese and bacon to make it good!
Holly isn't like most kiddos. She doesn't enjoy playing in the snow. She just looks at it like 'ew. I'm not getting in that.' So we celebrated the snow day with her favorite--Purina Busy Bone!!!! She's so obsessed that I can't even believe it. We started with these a little before Christmas and now she's very aware of them and asks (in her own little way that only I would know) for them. She's really good at eating them now. It used to take her about 2 hours but she's really aggressive and can totally tackle those bad boys in a solid hour. Look at how filthy she gets when she eats them though! That bone is all over my little doodlebug. Yucky!!
Tonight I made a pizza! Scott and I haven't made a pizza in a while and we used to do it all the time. We just buy a pizza crust, smear a little olive oil on it then add whatever toppings we like. This time we opted for tomatoes, bacon, gobs of spinach, and a little 4 cheese Italian blend from Kraft. We both agreed it's the best pizza we've ever made. We'll totally be having it again this week. And just to make ourselves seem extra nerdy--we calculated it was only about 350 calories!
I was still hungry after dinner so I made a little snack. I always keep chocolate chips and strawberries in my house. I feel like it's not so bad of a splurge. It's impressive how just a few chocolate chips can make such a large amount of melted chocolate. Chocolate covered strawberries are my absolute fav.
And, of course, this little girl got a bath after the Busy Bone mess she made of herself. I know I always say it but....even if she pretends like a bath is major abuse I KNOW she always appreciates it and feels soooo good afterwards. Holly was major spunky today. It's like we knocked 10 years off her life. I think I owe it to the Busy Bones. They make her SO happy.

BTW: For all your Bachelor fans out there--I kinda think Courtney is going to take it all the way. I saw him on Ellen a few weeks ago and it got super awkward when Ellen was criticizing her. And people "in the know" are saying she wins. I also learned reading Us Weekly in the Walmart checkout line yesterday that she used to date Jim Toth (Reese Witherspoons husband) and Jessie Metcalf. I found that innerestin...


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