Thursday, February 16, 2012

This Is What I Did Today

Today was busy for me. I had to wake up early this morning and take my car down to Acura in Fayetteville to get my oil changed. It took an hour to do and I just stayed at Acura since...well I was forced to. I must say, it is so nice in there. They have a little area for people to wait while their cars get fixed. There's a nice big TV to watch while you lounge in big comfy leather chairs and can enjoy snacks (think vending machine except instead of the machine it's laid out all pretty-like on a fancy tray) while reading the paper or magazines and indulging in coffee, cappuccino, or soft drinks. All for free!! Sitting there a whole hour doesn't even phase me because it's just so nice!
After I left Acura I ran around Fayetteville. I popped in Ulta to get some new skin products. My face is so dry right now. It's never, ever been this dry before. Yesterday Scott asked me what was wrong with my skin. Oh no honey don't worry, I didn't trip on the treadmill and slide all the way down while scabbing up my face like an America's Funniest Home Video. It just did this all on it's own.
I never have skin problems. No breakouts--no nothing. I feel very lucky that I never have troubles with it. But UGH, not this week.
I'm a Dermalogica girl. I have my face wash, day-time cream, night-time cream, and exfoliator and mask that I use 1-3 times a week. Apparently that's not enough for this weather. After consulting with the Dermalogica lady, I will now go back and forth with my current day cream and a new extra hydrating one. Plus, a spritzing toner to use before I moisturize, that should add water to my skin?? or something like that, which apparently I'm majorly lacking in right now. WHEW! That's a lot of facial products. Who am I kidding. I love it. I love products of any kind.
I was gone most of the day which made me feel bad for the little doodlebug. She probably slept the entire time but still. We're battling yet another bladder infection with Holly. Poor thing was just born with a bad bladder. Some of her umbilical cord somehow managed to partly stay attached, don't ask me how, and is lining her bladder. I guess that's why she's always had troubles. I always know when she has one because she starts having accidents around the house. Yesterday she went potty right in front of my bedroom door and the front door. That was her way of saying "Kara, I'm hurting." That's always her way of letting me know. I think a lot of dogs do that so if your dog is potty trained and suddenly starts having accidents it's usually their way of telling you something is wrong.
Anywho, since we're VIP at the Rose Animal Clinic, and since I'm basically a certified veterinarian myself, and since I know my dog so well that when I take her in because I suspect she has something--and my suspected diagnoses is always dead on, (except that one time I thought a pimple was cancer) and since they know that I totally know what I'm doing by now, they let me forgo the check-up and just gave me the meds to give Hol. Thank goodness. Holly hates the doctor. It gives her crazy anxiety. While it's kinda sad that they know us so well because we're in there so often, it's also super nice. Anytime I need something I just call and Amy, the receptionist, answers and I'm like 'hey girl it's Holly's mom. And she's always like 'awwww!!!! How's Holly?" or "awww, is something wrong with Holly?" Haha! One time I randomly walked in just to pick something up and when she was checking me out she goes "okay I feel bad because I know you're Holly's mom but I've forgotten your name."
We're special. Or Holly is. Cutie pie. I love her. She's the sweetest!

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