Monday, February 20, 2012

Krispy Treats

I had such a great weekend!! Scott didn't open his work computer all day on Saturday! I literally can't remember the last time he didn't crack it open. So we enjoyed each other's company, like a normal couple, on Saturday and it was so lovely! We ate lunch out, ran around town, watched a was heavenly! Yesterday was a typical Sunday. Church, lunch after, Scott worked, I got some errands taken care of, then we watched our Sunday shows. I love Sundays. They seem to be very productive.
Holly is doing good! She's still taking her bladder infection medicine and I've discovered a genius way to hide her little pill--Rice Krispy Treats!! She loves them! The older Holly gets the pickier she is with her food. I've been dealing with it for quite a few months now. That makes it hard when it comes to giving her medicine. Peanut butter used to work great, or cheese, but she turns her nose up to those things now. She never turns down a Rice Krispy Treat so giving her the medicine has been easy. It's just so strange how picky she is with food now. Holly has always loved everything! I used to give her eggs for breakfast and she won't get near them now. She only ate a few bites of my leftover Ruth's Chris filet! Normally she would have gone crazy over it. She hasn't lost any weight and she's still eating her normal dog food but it's so bazaar to see her turning down special, yummy, human food! What dog does that?
I really want to buy a fireproof safe. Just a little one to keep important things in. Anyone else have one of those? I think it's a good idea. I may get one this week.
I really want to have a garage sale too. My neighborhood isn't a very good one for a garage sale though and I don't really have enough stuff to have one. I just really don't like clutter so I'm always getting rid of stuff--especially clothes. I usually take those to Plato's Closet and whatever they don't take I give to Goodwill. I have some furniture that's been sitting in our storage unit for forever that I want to sale. I may have to spend some time on Craig's List this week. I think I'm definitely going to do that.
Well this post was riveting huh? Enjoy your Monday! I hope it's a great day followed by a great week for all of us!

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