Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Demanding Diva

Happy hump day! Anyone giving up anything for lent? I've never done that before since I'm not Catholic but I'm sorta considering giving up Diet Coke for lent. I have one with my lunch every day but I'm thinking maybe I should take a break from them?? We'll see. I can't decide yet.

I just tweeted this video but thought I'd share it on here too. This is Holly trying to get my attention and asking for a treat. She is so extreme!! I always say she loves treats more than any dog that's ever lived. She demands them. We keep her treats in a little bag and she knows that's her bag with fun goodies in it. It's kinda dark so in case you can't tell, she's scratching the bag. She also does this to your leg which means 'rub me.' She demands that too.This was the grand prize--A Busy Rollhide. I sometimes like giving her these because she can't actually chew it. It's too tough for her little teeth! She still tries though and it keeps her entertained for a good 30 minutes before she gives up.
She's a little diva sometimes but I love my little girl. She keeps me very entertained. Seriously, have you ever seen a dog demand a treat like that? She does this every. single. night. Sometimes it drives me crazy!!! Because not only is she constantly asking for treats but one treat isn't enough. She thinks they should be abundant. I try to tell her she can't only eat treats. She thinks I'm stupid for thinking that.
Today has been productive. I was up and out of the door by 8:45. I've got a few things to accomplish today. Decided to sport a fishtail braid while tackling those things! Have a great day friends!

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