Thursday, March 8, 2012

Break Time

Today was very lazy since it was such a dreary day outside. It rained here in NWA all day so I pretty much stayed cooped up in the house. I had planned on doing that today anyway. I've been out of the house all day, every day since Saturday and I felt bad leaving Holly alone for so many days. So I told her I'd stay home with her today and it was the perfect day to choose to do that! We snuggled on the sofa together and took a nap and it was lovely! Except for the fact that I have such a sore throat. It came out of nowhere. I woke up this morning and it was killing me!! I hate when I get a sore throat. It really cramps my style.
I'm so excited that tomorrow is Friday. It's felt like a short week since Scott didn't work on Monday and Tuesday. Bless his heart he still doesn't feel recovered from his relay after taking 6 days off. We talked about possibly taking a vacation around our birthdays--the end of May. I think Scott needs to lay on a beach with a frozen, fruity drink and think about nothing except how pretty the view from the beach chair is! Hopefully we can work that out. I could use a little vacay myself.
It's only 8:30 but I'm going to get ready for bed! It's amazing how much a sore throat can zap you. I'm in the mood to get in bed early and watch a movie with my two favs snuggled up with me. It sounds like perfection right now! I love this picture of Hol. Look how she's sitting! Hehe. Silly girl.

See you back here tomorrow!

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