Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Guest Bathroom

These last 6 months I've spent hours on Pinterest looking at anything and everything that has to do with home design. I noticed something in a few pictures that I really liked that I've decided to do in the upstairs bathroom.The upstairs bathroom vanity has double sinks like these photos and I love how they put a tray in between them. Since the upstairs bathroom will be for guest only, I want to make it really pretty but also functional and possibly give off a lavish hotel vibe! A floral arrangement, rolled up towels, a jar with little bars of soap, bath salts, a lamp, a framed photo, a scented candle....there's so many pretty things you could place on the tray! I love how it gives the bathroom a little life without making it feel cluttered. By placing things for your guests on the tray, they can easily find what they may need without searching the entire bathroom to hunt it down. I think it helps make the bathroom cozy, yet luxurious and something guests would appreciate. I know I always notice the little details when I'm staying with someone and it seems to make my stay just a little more enjoyable! I already have a tray that would work perfect for the bathroom so I'm definitely going to copy this look! I feel like it's the little things you do that really tie the house together. It's such a simple idea but I love it and can't wait to try it out for myself!


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