Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My {LONG} Weekend In Little Rock

I took a break from social media/Internet/blogging these last few days and it felt so great! I sometimes feel like my phone lives in my hand. It was nice to leave it alone.
I've been in Little Rock since Thursday. I got home yesterday evening. I spent some time with my cute little nephew who was visiting from Tampa.

I usually get to spend a lot more time with him than I did this visit but Scott and I had a lot going on with the house so I wasn't able to get down to Little Rock sooner. Landon will be here for basically the whole summer so we'll get to hang out a lot then. We spent most of our time playing with these little guys.Say hello to Winston and Abby! I introduced you all to Abby last week but now I want you to meet Winston! Abby is a mess. She's 4 months old and all puppy. She's super playful and loving and hyper!! Sometimes she's calm--mostly she's spirited. Abby has definitely settled into her new home extremely well! I think she's going to be really smart too. She's already learned her name and how to sit after one week.
Winston is 2 years old and I feel sorry for the little guy. Animal Control rescued him from a home when someone reported that he was being abused. He's super calm, potty trained, and very chill but he's terrified, traumatized, and very reclusive. He's already come around a little bit since he arrived at his new home on Thursday. Abby pounces all over him and he doesn't seem to mind. The doctor said that was good that he's interacting with another dog. He goes up to Kyle with a slightly wagging tail when he gets home so that's good too. It will just take a while for him to learn trust and that he's in a safe and loving home now. He reminds me of Holly. You'd never know he was in the room and I think he, like Holly, was born with a calm spirit. I just hope Winston gets out of his shell soon. Bless his little heart. There's a special place for people who abuse animals. I just can't stand to think what happened to him. He's going to have a really great life now--I hope he realizes that sooner rather than later!!
We're excited to take these little kiddos on the boat with us this summer. Abby will no doubt love it. Winston--who knows! Holly doesn't love the boat. She likes the wind blowing in her hair and she likes not being left behind but I think after an hour she's over it. I can see Winston being the same way.

While I was in Little Rock Mom and I went furniture shopping for my new house. I'm happy to report I found some stuff!! We went all over the place but everything I got was from Ethan Allen. I actually found a desk for the office from there that I liked better than the one I found at Pottery Barn so I went on ahead and purchased that. Here's a picture of it!

I'll show you the other stuff I got later on this week.
I had a great time in Little Rock. I wish Scott could have come but he had to work. Holly enjoyed being at her home away from home! It would be her dream if Mom, Dad, Scott and I all lived together. She's so happy when she gets to be around all of us. I always love being able to spend time with my Mom and Dad so this (extra-long) weekend was a great one!

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