Wednesday, March 21, 2012

French Vanilla Cappuccino

I have basically spent my entire day reading The Hunger Games. I read 7 chapters a week ago then got busy and couldn't find time to read more. I picked the book back up today and I'm 5 chapters from the end. I guess we could say this book is a page turner! Needless to say, I have nothing to talk about because my nose has been in a book all day which was lovely to do while the rain poured outside and my little girl snuggled beside me napping.
Something that I've been on the hunt for, for a long time, is a cappuccino machine. It's been difficult since I'm looking for a very specific cappuccino machine. You see, I don't like the taste of coffee. Even the sweetest drink at Starbucks isn't good to me because I can taste the espresso shots. I don't even like ice cream that tastes like coffee. However, I LOVE the "fake cappuccinos" as Scott calls them. The yummy little drink that you can find in the gas station instant cappuccino machines. Y-U-M. I have one for breakfast nearly every day but it's annoying having to drive to the gas station in the morning and get it. I would love nothing more than to have a machine make my fake cappuccinos for me in the morning and pour it into a cute little coffee cup. I've searched online for forever but the only thing I can find is a HUGE machine that would not look appropriate in a home.
All that fake cappuccinos are is a powder mixed with water. But simply boiling water and mixing it with the powder doesn't taste as good as the ones from the machines. After searching everywhere, I think I found a machine that might work that is for cappuccinos, lattes, or cocoa. I bought my French Vanilla Cappuccino Mix today and tomorrow I'm going to purchase the new machine. I hope so bad that it works!! I love my French Vanilla Cappuccino. It's yummy, warm, filling, takes a long time to drink and is super low cal. Duh. That's a requirement. Being able to make it at home will totally complete my mornings. I'll let ya'll know how it goes! Fingers crossed!!!


  1. Did it woke does it taste the same??? What machine did you buy?

    1. Yes it did! I've used many different Keurig machines but the key is finding the right K-Cup flavor. Grove Square French Vanilla Cappuccino K-Cups are delicious and taste just like the "gas station" cappuccino's. They work best when you use the smallest amount of water your machine will let you use. Good luck!

  2. Check out

    No machine needed. Just make it with hot water or milk. So many amazing flavors!

  3. I also love the Grove Square. You don't need a Keurig. You can just open the k-cup and mix it with hot water or milk like you would cocoa.

  4. I also love the Grove Square. You don't need a Keurig. You can just open the k-cup and mix it with hot water or milk like you would cocoa.

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