Thursday, March 22, 2012

This Bed Fits Just Right

Holly loves her bed. Actually she has two. One in my bedroom and one in my closet. She goes back and forth between them both and if you come to my house, 90% of the time she'll be in her bed. I like to clean them for her a lot. I wash them both about twice a week so they'll re-fluff and smell nice for her. I decided to throw them both in the washer last night while Holly was hanging with us on the sofa. However, while they were washing she decided she was ready for bed. She was very disturbed that both of her beds were not in their designated areas and kept coming into the living room and looking at me like 'hello??? where are my beds." I kept telling her to be patient because they were in the washer and tried to convince her to snooze on the sofa but she didn't want to. She was determined to curl up and go to bed. After she stopped coming into the living room to ask me where her beds were I decided to check on her to see where she decided to sleep. I assumed she'd be in the laundry basket but instead I found this. I took this bag with me to Little Rock but I've left it on the floor of my bedroom because I guess I've just been super lazy really busy to find time to put it up. Apparently Holly thought it would make a perfect bed for her so she curled up inside it and slept away. I've got to say, I'm proud of Holly. Of all the spots in the house to take a snooze she chose the Marc Jacobs bag. That's my girl!! Raisin' her right!!

Scott took off from work tomorrow so my weekend starts tonight. I'm pretty excited about it.

Until tomorrow....

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