Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Her cuteness overwhelms me sometimes.

Hey guys! How's your week going so far? Mine has been so nice. Scott hasn't worked since last Wednesday. He's going back to work tomorrow and we're both a little sad about it. I've really enjoyed his company and we've managed to get so much accomplished!!

We have a lot of furniture that we've put for sale on Craigs List. We sold a bunch of it yesterday within minutes of listing it (that usually means you listed for too cheap--dang it) and we met with 3 different people today at our storage unit so they could pick it up. We still have so much left to sell. Good stuff too. If we can't sell it on Craigs List I may do a little post on here for NWA residents looking for furniture in immaculate condition for a super cheap price. 99% of it is from Lighting Emporium so it's definitely good stuff and not very old at all. Five years max.
The furniture is a little more traditional and Scott and I are going for a more 'contemporary traditional' look for our new house. I've been pinteresting for 6 months now and saving tons of pictures for inspiration. It's been fun and I'm kind of glad it took us so long to find a house so I could totally nail down exactly what style I want to dress my home in. I think I'm going to do a new thing every week where I show you guys my inspiration boards + the furniture I found/am buying so you can see how I'm going to decorate the new pad! That sounds like fun right? I'm always trying to find something interesting to talk about so that'll keep me--and hopefully you all--entertained for the next 6 weeks or so! I'll get started on that tomorrow.
I don't know why but every night the past few days I have had zero appetite for dinner. It's not because I ate a huge lunch or a big breakfast so I don't know why I feel that way. I go through phases sometimes where I'm never hungry. It's like I could not eat for a week and never feel starved. It's so strange. I'm blessed with a very easy going husband. This is what I "cooked" for dinner tonight and Scott couldn't care less. I could make us a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (although I've never in my life had one) every day, for every meal, for a month and Scott wouldn't care. He loves good food but he's not high maintenance about it. Last night I wasn't hungry so he ate one of my lean cuisines. It's kind of nice. I don't have to feel like I have to cook us this elaborate meal every night. He'll just go with the flow. And by the way, our dinner tonight was delish especially since we paired it with a glass of white. Yum. Time to focus my attention to Super Tuesday!

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