Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuff Day

Today was traumatizing. I thought that today would be the day I've feared for 15 years. The day I had to say goodbye to Holly.Today started out like a normal day. I woke up and ran some errands then came home just in time to start prepping a lunch for Scott and I. He had been home for a while then went into our bathroom and I hollered at me that Holly had just thrown up. Not super abnormal. I've seen her do that quite a few times in her life but this time was different. It was bile and she looked very sick. I picked her up to comfort her and she whimpered like I was hurting her by holding her. So I sat Holly down then she threw up again. After that she completely collapsed. She was dead weight. I scooped her up, Scott and I jumped in the car, and we rushed to the doctor. I called to let them know I was on my way then called my Mom to tell her what was going on.
When we got there, Holly was still just limp. She normally shakes when we get to the vet but today she was just.....there. Dr Brown came in right away and checked Holly up and down and everything seemed normal. Or, Holly normal. Hol finally started coming around a little bit. Dr. Brown said it's just her age. Throwing up can really take a toll on your body, especially when you're old, and that's probably why she collapsed.
I wiped away my big crocodile tears and gratefully climbed back into my car with my little doodlebug in tow. I really thought today was it. I thought I was going to have to put Holly down which I do not want to do. I pray all the time for the Lord to please take her in her sleep. I cannot handle doing that to my baby. Holly and I snuggled together for 2 hours when we got home but she would not go to sleep. She looked like she just felt awful. I ended up putting her in her bed and she finally dozed off. She woke up a few hours later and after just a few minutes of being awake her Momma walked in the door!

Mom dropped everything today, threw a suitcase together, and drove up here. Holly was so happy to see her. She gave her so many kisses and instantly started to feel better. As the night went on, Holly started to get back to her normal self and I'm ever so grateful for it.
I know the day when I have to say goodbye is sooner rather than later and I dread it. Oh man do I dread it. I will be the saddest person on the planet that day. Holly is so, so, so sweet. She is the most precious perfect puppy. Holly will always be my favorite. I will never know a love like I have for her. Holly is so special and one of a kind. She is my everything.
My Dad said something today and he is so right. Holly is living on love. She is. She's living on our love. Holly is so, so loved and I love that she knows that.

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